Instrument WORKS also offers an alternative for those wanting something unique. We take traditional body designs and create your custom pickup configurations or routing schemes. Pictured is a Mahogany Tele body with a P90 bridge pickup. We strive to provide an option to higher priced custom body manufacturers. Request a quote today!

Custom Bodies

A combination of the products and services we provide brings forth our Centerpiece line of loaded and finished bodies, ready for installation. We hand wire everything using premium components. You still have the option to select from a variety of necks and hardware options to complete your build. Contact us to plan your next guitar.

We offer classic models as an upgrade replacement or as a solid foundation on which to begin your build. Choose your model (ex. strat, tele) and select your wood. We typically stock Alder, Swamp Ash, Basswood, Big Leaf Maple, and Mahogany. All of our stock is sourced in the USA. Prices subject to availability and cost of materials.

Replacement Bodies

Centerpiece Bodies